One (1) Full Circle-on-the-floor cantilever beam leg drilling mast with a maximum clear height of 152’-0” x 30’-0” wide base and a rated static hook load of 1,000,000# on ten (10) lines strung to the traveling block per API 4F 3rd Edition Specifications.  Mast is designed for 80 mph wind load with a full rack of pipe and 105 mph on a bare mast.  Mast stem portal truss designed affording excellent driller’s view and is complete with raising sheaves and A-frames.  
Mast designed for SSL E1-U1 and not designed to operate in cold or seismic conditions.
Mast has full height straight ladder drill floor to crown and includes the following additional equipment:
One (1) slingline equalizer unit complete with hanger plate welded in mast to the sling-line when not in use.
One (1) set each front and rear shoes.
One (1) set of four (4) standpipe clamps for single 5” standpipe.
One (1) Full Circle flat-running crown block with six (6) 60” minimum diameter cluster sheaves and one (1) 60” minimum diameter fast-line assembly, all with tapered roller bearings and grooved for 1-1/2” diameter wire line.  
Cluster sheaves are mounted on a crown frame so flat face of traveling block faces derrickman.  Crown frame includes wire line guards, bumper blocks and pad eyes for hanging, catline and air hoist sheaves.  Includes crown safety platform for crown service with 3’-6” high handrails and expanded metal flooring.  Each sheave is lubricated by individual grease channels on one end of the shaft.
One (1) Full Circle heavy-duty racking platform with a capacity for 22,000 ft. of 5” drill pipe, four (4) stands of 10” drill collars and ten (10) stands of 8” drill collars.  Platform is complete with folding diving board, access catwalk and fold-up floor slab for driller’s side.  Platform is adjustable from 82’-0” to 87’-0” above drill floor and includes 7’-0” high handrails.
Two (2) air hoist sheave units – 14” OD steel sheave grooved for 5/8” diameter wire line and mounted on roller bearings.

See attached pdf file for full specifications.
Two (2) counterweight systems with buckets, guides, tracks, load lines and 8” snatch block

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