One (1) Cantilever Lo-Lift Beam Leg Drilling Mast with a minimum clear height of 152’-0” x 35’-0” wide base and a rated static hook load of 1,500,000# on twelve (14) lines strung to the traveling block per API 4E-4F Q1 Specifications.

Mast is designed for 100 mph wind load with a full rack of pipe and 115 mph on a bare mast.  In addition, the mast has a 1,500,000 lbs. casing capacity simultaneous with 900,000 lbs. setback capacity.  Mast stem portal truss are designed affording excellent driller’s view and is complete with raising sheaves, A-frames, and sling lines.  Sling lines remain in back face of mast when not in use.

Mast will accommodate a 35’-0” high drill floor and has full height straight ladder, from drill floor to crown.  The mast will be provided with pad eyes for fixation of an intermediate tubing stabbing board at an intermediate level. (Intermediate Tubing Stabbing Board included.)

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