POWERTRAIN MAX LOAD RATING - 10 LINES-- 615,000 lb MAIN DRUM: 25" Diameter x 49-3/4" Main Drum with 1-1/4" grooving POWERED BY: (1) Amerimex 1500 HP AC Motor (AD15000SSH); 550 VAC; 800 rpm; 40 hertz; 3 phase; Horizontal Mount; Single shaft extension; Class H insulation; Space heaters; Winding RTD’s (2 per phase); Encoder; Heavy Duty Marine frame; Blower-10hp, 3600 rpm, 600 VAC, Stainless Steel marine duty, Stainless Steel marine duty junction box and accessories; Form wound stator winding; Copper bar rotor with heavy copper alloy end rings. GEARING GEARING: Foot mounted, parallel shaft gearbox, AGMA Class 8 gearing, through hardened gearing to 400BHN, all helical gearing, and taconite seals. BRAKING BRAKES: (2) Caliper type disc brakes providing parking and E-stop CATHEADS (2) Drum type hydraulic catheads, fully adjustable torque range: *torque sensor mounting brackets (load cells optional) *Make-up and Break-out: identical in construction-allows for interchangeability of units; eliminates need for additional spares; can accept either 3/8" chain or 9/16" cable *Controlled with variable speed controls and maximum torque is remotely controlled from the driller's console *Single line pull is 12,000 lbs at 3,300 psi - Hydraulic pressure *Recommended HPU requirements 30-60 GPM at 3,300 psi HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT (1) Electric hydraulic power unit (HPU) to provide hydraulics to catheads: 60 hp, 37 gpm, 3300 psi

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