Electric Drawworks with the following equipment:

Input HP - Combined total = 1,500 hp
(2) GE752 DC motors
Drum Size - Diameter 25", Length - 49
Grooving - 1 3/8”

 (2) 42VC1200 Clutches

24” CB500 rotary clutch (if driven from drawworks)

Braking: Mounted directly to drum shaft
(1) W36-OM-305 435KKB/SSB copper cooled/spring set combination brake
(2) Caliper type disc brake located directly on the main drum

All brakes are controlled by a single lever with additional control for auxiliary brake.

(2) Drum type hydraulic catheads, fully adjustable torque range:
*torque sensor mounting brackets (load cells optional)
*Make-up and Break-out: identical in construction-allows for interchangeability of units; eliminates need     for additional spares; can accept either 3/8" chain or 9/16" cable
*Controlled with variable speed controls and maximum torque is remotely controlled from the driller's console
*Single line pull is 10,000lbs at 3,000 psi - Hydraulic pressure

(1) Electric hydraulic power unit (HPU) to provide hydraulics to catheads: 60hp, 37gpm, 3000psi

Adjustable crown and floor protection and emergency stop

Dual independent oil system for each bearing and chain.

Chain lubrication system is designed to maximize chain life by flooding oil onto each chain.

(1) Weight Indicator, (2) Tong torque gauges, (1) Pump pressure gauge, with stainless steel instrument console (1) Electric rotary torque gauge, (1) Automatic driller (satellite) incorporated into the stainless steel driller's console
Driller's console complete with all valves, gauges and hoses for all operations

Total equipment dimensions:
              Length 13'10", Width 18' 8 1/4", Height 7'

PRICE: 0.00

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