Electric Drawworks with the following equipment:

2 GE 752 High Torque Motors
32" Diameter x 56 1/4" Main Drum with grooving 1 ½”

(2) 42” VC 1200 Eaton

4 Hoisting speeds-
Gear, Drum Clutch            Max RPM            Max Load
     Low,Low                   90                 958,000lbs
     Low,High                  142                 606,000lbs
     High,Low                  240                 359,000lbs
     High, High               380                 227,000lbs

Braking: Mounted directly to drum shaft
(2) W36-OM-405 Total holding capacity is 2,383,800.  (Note:  Spring applied parking/emergency brake incorporated into working brakes)

(2) Caliper type disc brakes located directly on the main drum flanges

All brakes are controlled by a single lever with additional control for auxiliary brake.

(2) Drum type hydraulic catheads, fully adjustable torque range:
*torque sensor mounting brackets (load cells optional)
*Make-up and Break-out: identical in construction-allows for interchangeability of units; eliminates need for additional spares; can accept either 3/8" chain or 9/16" cable
*Controlled with variable speed controls and maximum torque is remotely controlled from the driller's console
*Single line pull is 10,000lbs at 3,000 psi - Hydraulic pressure

(1) Electric hydraulic power unit (HPU) to provide hydraulics to catheads: 60 hp, 37 gpm, 3000 psi

Dual independent oil system for each bearing and chain.

Chain lubrication system is designed to maximize chain life by flooding oil onto each chain

(1) Weight indicator; (2) Tong torque gauges; (1) Pump pressure gauge; (1) Electric torque gauge; (1) Automatic driller;
(1) Adjustable Crown & floor protection system with “E” stop and Parking.
         NOTE:  The above controls are incorporated into stainless steel consoles.

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