Equipment Services Engineering

Full Circle Enterprises can supply

  • Inspection (onsite & in shop)
  • Field Services
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Re-certifications of any type of mast or substructure

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Services include designing and manufacturing API Certified rigs, derricks, masts & substructures. FCE also provides Inspection, Repair, Upgrade
and recertification services.

Equipment Services

  • In house fabrication
  • Inspection, Repair, Upgrades, Recertification
  • Desert Rig Design and special application
  • Special Rig skidding for pad drilling or offshore platform multi well
  • Mast Mounted Tong Break out and Make up system
  • Rebuild damaged mast in our shop or do minor repairs in the field
  • Top Drive Mast and/or derrick modifications to install all leading top drives
  • Racking platform replacement for Masts and/or derricks
  • Adjustable front and rear shoes for any Mast design
  • Rig moving systems